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About Centre For Career Planning & Counseling (CCPC)


“Centre for Career Planning and Counseling” is providing guidance on career planning,counseling to choose the right career path, overseas education, shaping the talent through ACCEPT program, making the students corporate ready and organizing recruitment events, also various other services to Students, Alumni, and Professionals in order to assist and facilitate lifetime career development. Futuristic in its plans and operations, it will be an evolving Centre of excellence in providing career services and coaching for many competitive exams.The Aim of CCPC is to blend the proficiency of our students with creativity, position their analytical skills preparing them for the expected industrial standards and establishing a concrete mutual relationship between the Industry & Academia.


  1. To Provide Best Opportunities to the students for Industrial and Vocational Training.
  2. To enhance the placement ratio by providing maximum opportunities
  3. To guide students on various selection process including interview techniques, group discussions and aptitude tests.
  4. To bridge the gap between industry and academia through continuous interaction with the experts from various industry.

Why recruit @ CT?

We train our students through “Advanced Course for career Excellence through Personal Transformation (ACCEPT)” program which has been specifically designed to remove the roadblocks which stand between students and success by developing skill set as required in the current scenario of global competition, and train them to the advanced level so that they become corporate ready and gain competitive advantage. As the name suggests ACCEPT is complied on the achievement of excellence through the personal transformation of the students. The program has been build up to bring out the latent talent of the students through interactive session(s) which consist of activities and games. The main objective behind ACCEPT is to empower the students of today to turn into the   corporate leaders of tomorrow by training them through innovative and creative strategies. The training conducted through ACCEPT focuses on enhancing oneself, being an innovative and critical thinker and being an adaptive leader rather than only a manager. These qualities help students to adapt quickly to an ever-changing and highly competitive global marketplace.

Our Facilities :
  • Test Facility for 5000 Students in one go.
  • Online Test Facility for 1500 students.
  • In contact with 100 colleges & Universities stretched across complete Northern India.
  • Office Space available for Support and conducting Interviews.
  • 5 days a week, Guest Lectures can be done on Saturday.
  • Good number of Quality Students available with us.

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