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About Entrepreneurship Development Cell / Incubation Center


Advisor & Mentor


Co-ordinator: Mr. Abhishek Soni



Dr. Hajit Pal Singh

Mr. Vikas Khullar



Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) is a platform for students to recognize and utilize their skills in identifying opportunities and creating innovative business models. This initiative is about students, their choices and actions in starting, taking over or running a business. EDC provides opportunity to students’ to turn an idea into business or a business into success and will help them to build confidence to take risk and taste the independence of entrepreneurship.



The objective of this initiative is to develop entrepreneurial spirit among the students of the CT Group. To achieve this objective following key elements are recognised as important elements:

    • To provide real world entrepreneurship exposure to students.
    • Inculcating professionalism in terms of responsibility towards one’s venture, profession and client handling.
    • Creating greater awareness of opportunities and benefits of entrepreneurship in order to encourage more students to start a venture.




A Student who wants to initiate an entrepreneurship project, have to follow the following eligibility criteria

    • The Past Record and Performance of the students to be checked for his/her attendance, exam results etc..
    • Student from any domain and branch is eligible.
    • There should have been no disciplinary action against the students


The student(s) will submit the proposal to the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC),as per the format provided in Annexure I.


Evaluation of Project

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) will check the feasibility of the Project on the following basis:

    • Uniqueness of idea in terms of concept, product, application, process, service and/or price.
    • Operational feasibility of project considering the required manpower and man hours.
    • Economic feasibility considering the funds required for initial investment and variable costs proposed by the students
    • Legal feasibility relevant to the project.

Representative(s) from Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) may take an interview of the student and may also ask the student to provide a demonstration of proposal or provide prototype of the business plan and/or a simple experiment on same to judge the feasibility of same.



Monitoring and Supervision:


Monitoring & Periodic Reports: Regular Reports have to be submit in the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, the period of which shall be specified at the time of the project is undertaken.
Monitoring of Entrepreneurship projects will be done by the Industry Experts and by the members of EDC.


Events of EDC-2016:


"Digital Marketing and YouTube Marketing".







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