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Separate Hostel facility is available for Boys and Girls. Aesthetically designed, the hostel blocks are spread around the campus. The hostels are interconnected, mostly in blocks of three.

Each of the blocks has a square in the center where badminton courts with good turf are maintained, with some blocks also having lawns in the square. Each hostel block has a common room where facilities such as wall-mounted televisions, table-tennis tables and carom and chess games are available. It is the common room that provides the scene of action for get-togethers, parties and informal discussions. Each block is also equipped with fully automatic washing machines and each floor is further equipped with landline phones, water coolers and water purifiers.

The individual rooms are furnished with teak cots and bedding, a computer table, chairs, closets and shelves. All rooms have full time wireless internet connectivity with direct lines to the main LAN. The housekeeping staff is available through the week and takes care of cleaning the rooms, corridors and rest rooms on a daily basis.

Dedicated mess facilities and round the clock canteen facilities are available in the hostels. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available and the pan-Indian menu is managed by the student body. Various other snacks, biscuits, chocolates, ice cream and soft drinks are available in the mess itself.

Apart from this, the hostels also connected with excellent gymnasium.


Code of Conduct
  • Resident scholars are expected to maintain perfect discipline and proper atmosphere of studies in Hostel. They should remain in their rooms from 9:30 PM to 5 AM
  • If any resident scholar tries to disturb the academic atmosphere of the hostel, he/she will be immediately expelled from Hostel.
  • Resident Scholars are not allowed to entertain day scholars in Hostel Rooms even during day time.
  • Taking of wine or beer or any other intoxicant in Hostel is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking in Hostel Campus and in rooms is strictly prohibited. Defaulters would be fined and the guardians will be informed of the same.
  • Resident Scholars should be regular for classes.
  • Quarrels and disputes with fellow boarders should be avoided. In case of dispute report the matter to hostel warden.
  • All routine complaints, in first instance, shall be lodged with the Hostel Warden.
  • The boarders in their own interest must use strong and reliable locks for Hostel Rooms.
  • The resident scholars are advised not to write, display or paste any indecent photographs, posters etc on walls or glass panes or in their Rooms.
  • Resident Scholars are required to adhere to the Mess timings strictly as notified.
  • Hostlers are advised not to indulge in any kind of bribe lent to mess workers.
  • Leave of a boarder from the institute does not mean leave from hostel. The boarder must apply for the same on a prescribed application form.
  • Leave from the hostel shall be sanctioned by respective wardens.
  • Students absenting themselves from Hostel without getting leave shall be penalized.
  • The last Reporting time for hostlers back to hostels in evening is as follows


Girls    Summers 7 PM   Winters 6 PM 
Boys  Summers 10PM Winters 9PM


Contact Us:

Mr. Amit Kumar  
Mr. Vinay Kumar
Ms. Anuradha Handa

  • All boarders must visit the hostel notice board once every day.
  • No resident scholar is allowed to keep any sharp edged weapon/firearm/fire crackers etc in his/her possession or in room.
  • Resident Scholars are not permitted to leave the Hostel till completion of the academic year for any reason whatsoever.
  • The hostel facility shall remain suspended for long vacations.


Hostel Events:


Girls hostel of CTIEMT Celebrating Teej 



Football match b/w CTIT and CTIEMT Boys Hostel




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