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CT Institute of Engg., Mgt & Technology

CT Institute of Mgt. & Technology

The CTIMT provides a creative learning environment where the development of managerial skills and the discovery of principles, concept and values are the primary methodologies. We understand that knowledge can be classified into three broad categories: facts, skills and understanding. Facts are best taught through lectures and other didactic processes. Skills are habits that are developed through experience and practice. Understanding comes through discovery, by asking why and then working out the answers.The learning at CTIMT comes through lectures, case studies, role plays, simulation exercises, audio-visual aids, etc. Apart from this, interactive sessions make up a significant portion of the curriculum. Students are taught about the application and implementation of the concept.

• To produce professionally competent students for the career in computer applications and information technology by providing value-based quality education.
• To provide the readily acceptable quality trained manpower to meet the requirements of the National and International industry in the emerging areas of Information technology as well as for research and design.
• To develop strong collaboration with academic and research institutes as well as industry in the country and abroad.
• To provide world level consultancy to generate wealth through services and new product design.
The Faculty of Computer Applications strives to meet the demand for well-qualified and competent computer professionals to fulfill the requirements of the industry. The organizations today are more team-oriented and process-driven than their predecessors. Their customers and suppliers are more global; their employees are more diverse; and the legal, ethical and social backdrops of their work, are far more complex. That is why today's managers need more than hard skills in a specific field such as investment banking, systems consulting or consumer retailing. The premium lies in understanding the full context in which organizations operate.

Study of Management at CTIMT embraces the new, broad-based requirements of success. Courses, programs and other opportunities develop students' skills in ethical reasoning and decision-making, their understanding of global and cross-cultural issues, and their ability to communicate clearly, manage conflict and build consensus. Interpersonal skills and soft skills are the explicit part of the information age. These skills are inculcated through various specially designed tools and techniques that includes training sessions, personality development classes, case studies, role plays, etc.



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