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Teaching  Methodology
No teacher should fall into a monotonous pattern of presenting the same kind of lesson week after week. When you teach with variety, learners tend to understand gospel principles better and retain more.
We believe in active learning system & participative teaching methodologies. Along with the class-room teaching for imparting theoretical & conceptual knowledge, group learning through different techniques viz, discussions/debates, project work, case studies, industrial training, presentations etc. shall also enhance the skills of communication, leadership, logical analysis etc. of the students.
Individual Focus
We ensure that each student is given the personal attention for his/her overall development. The faculty interacts and motivates each student.
Test & Feedbacks
The academic process has been designed such that the students need to go through tests on a regular basis so that the faculty gets feedback of the students. Special attention is given to help students eliminate their oft repeated mistakes.
Lecture Method
Method of Teaching by which the teacher makes oral presentation of the content and the student usually takes notes.
Seminar Method
Seminar is a form of class organization in higher education in which a group of advanced graduate students engage in research or advanced study under the general direction of one or more staff members for discussion of problems of mutual interest
Group Discussion Method
Method of learning through open discussion of topics in a small group

Workshop Method
In-service improvement activity planned and carried on by teachers and administrators  to attack and study problems of such scope that many are interested
Tutorial Method
A method between a teacher and  a student to discuss some problems
Mock Interview
A Mock interview is an emulation of an interview used for training purposes. The interview tries to resemble a real interview as close as possible, and provide experience for the candidate.
Project Work
Based upon latest technologies project works are assigned to student which help them to enhance their technical skills.
Practical Problems are given to students in the form of Assignment that helps to increase logical capability.
Personality Development

Institution stage is most important stage for a student. He/she developed various personality traits in his institutional  age by his teachers and class mates. It is very hard to remove bad effects of this stage. So it is necessary to develop a god personality for a student.




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