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BCA course has been customized for students wishing to shine in the field of computers and information technology. It aims at inculcating essential skills as demanded by the global software industry through interactive learning process. The program enhances analytical and communication skill besides inculcating the virtues of self-study. The Curriculum has been designed to cater to the ever changing demands of information technology along with necessary inputs from the Industry.

Career prospects after doing BCA are as follows:

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Consultant
  • Network Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Test Engineer
  • System Analyst


+2 with at least 40% marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.




The B.Sc (IT) program is designed to provide basic inputs for a broad understanding of Information Technology and its interfaces. The degree in B.Sc Information Technology serves as a very good base for students who wish to pursue their career or advanced studies in the field of information technology.

Today smart, successful businesses use I.T. to give them an extra-edge to stay ahead of the competition. I.T. is soon becoming a 'driver' rather than an 'enabler'• of business. It is used for processes like Office Automation, Management Information Systems for fast decision making, R & D, re-engineering and organizational transformation. The program takes the student beyond computer skills to telecommunication systems and networking to e-commerce, internet security and Enterprise Resource Planning. This program will give a strategic advantage to the future of the Indian Manager.

Career prospects after doing B.Sc (IT) are as follows:

  • Software Engineer / Programmer
  • Developer (.NET / JAVA / C++ etc...)
  • Network Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Programmer
  • Tester
  • System Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • System Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Support Specialist
  • M.Sc. IT
  • MCA
  • MBA
  • MS      

+2 with at least 40% marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.



The BBA program is an innovative program in the area of Business. The main objective of this program is to equip the students with the necessary conceptual, entrepreneurial and analytical skills required for handling business operations.

The BBA program allows developing skilled manpower in the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing

Career prospects after doing BBA are as follows:

  • MBA
  • CA
  • CS
  • Banking job
  • Finance job
  • HR job
  • Insurance job

+2 with at least 40% marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.




Commerce is a whole system of an economy that constitutes an environment for business. Objective of this field is to equip the students with the necessary conceptual, entrepreneurial and analytical skills required for handling business operations. It is designed to enhance the ability to learn and will provide the opportunity to develop networks through real world experiences. It offers a global perspective on business.
Career prospects after doing B.Com are as follows:

  • IAS, IPS or IFS
  • Courses in Stock Market or Banking
  • CRISIL Certified Analyst Program (CCAP)
  • Diploma in Banking & Financial Services(HDBFS)
  • Executive MBA
  • Executive Program in Applied Finance - IIM Calcutta
  • International Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management
  • LLB
  • M.Com
  • CA
  • Master in Financial Management (MFM)
  • Master in Management Studies (M.M.S.)
  • Master in Retail Management
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Marketing Management (M.M.M.)
  • Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development Management (MHRDM)
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing
  • Master’s in Business Studies (M.B.S.)
  • Masters in Financial Management (MFM)
  • Masters of Business Administration (Information Technology)- MBA-IT
  • Masters Program in International Business (MPIB)
  • MCA
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Management

+2 with at least 40% marks in aggregate or equivalent examination




It aims at imparting a program structure which would retain the ‘traditional’ in the program yet would plug the loopholes and limitations of only a traditional approach.

The program offers a wide array of ‘Out of box’ courses like Accounts, Environmental Economics, International Relations, Political Economy of India, and Research Methodology etc, not emphasized in traditional economics graduation programs. This will help students to get an edge over others in terms of critical thinking, logical analysis and deep understanding of crucial economic issues.

We aim at creating a class of graduates in Economics who would be equipped not only with the strong foundation of economic theory but also with skills required to tackle and analyze the real world business and economic issues.
Career prospects after doing B.Sc-Economics are as follows:

  • Retail Job
  • Finance Job
  • Teaching Job
  • Stock and Share Brokering Job
  • FMCG Job
  • MBA in Economics
  • Masters in Applied Economics.

+2 with at least 40% marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.



The Bachelor of Arts Program prepares students to address and master the challenges of a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world. A flexible, broad-based curriculum permits students to choose courses and tracks of study reflecting their individual interests and varied career objectives. The curriculum offers intensive work and a degree of disciplined mastery in a major area. It also provides breadth and venturesome possibilities in communications, corporate systems, criminal and social justice, information technology, the humanities and the social sciences.

Subjects Offered:

  • English (Elective)
  • Punjabi (Elective)
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy
  • Computer Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Physical Education

Career prospects after doing BA are as follows:

  • LLB
  • B.Ed
  • M.A
  • MBA
  • IAS
  • IPS
  • IFS
    +2 with at least 40% marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.


Computer Science is a discipline that spans theory and practice. It requires thinking both in abstract terms and concrete terms. The practical side of computing can be seen everywhere. The popularity for Rapid Application Developers has necessitated the inclusion of this course in the curriculum. It includes computer architecture, software systems, graphics, artificial intelligence, computational science and software engineering.
Career prospects after doing B.Sc. (Computer Science) are as follows:

  • M.Sc 
  • MCA
  • MBA
  • MS 
  • Educationalist
  • Network Programmer
  • System integrator
  • Technical Writer
  • Computer Scientist
  • Mobile Tester
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Microprocessor System Designer

+2 with at least 40% marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.



The latest inventions and discoveries in the field of science have brought about spectacular advancements in the field of sciences. Non-medical students can pursue PG Courses in Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics. The allied streams of specialization include Nuclear Physics, Aeronautics, Optics, Agricultural Chemistry etc. The students can also aspire for Defense Services, Marine Engineer Services, Coast Guard Services and many more.
Career prospects after doing B.Sc. (Non Medical) are as follows:

  • M.Sc
  • M.Sc (IT)
  • MCA
  • MBA
  • Defense Services
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Clinical Research
  • Forensic Sciences & Genetics

+2 with at least 40% marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.



Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication course helps the students to acquire theoretical as well as practical skills related to media industry. During this degree students will learn about the various fields of media industry along with the career opportunities available in all the streams such as News Anchor, Cameraman, Producer, Script Writer, Editor, Radio Jockey, Copy Writer, Sub- Editor, Proof Reader, Photojournalist, Event Manager and so on.
Career Prospects after doing BAJMC are as follows:

  • Print Media (Newspaper, Magazines etc.)
  • Electronic Media ( radio & Television)
  • Public Relations
  • Corporate Communication  
  • Media Management
  • Event Management
  • Advertising
  • Film & Television Production
  • Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication

10+2 with any stream.

B. Design (Interiors)

The B. Design (Interior Design) program is one of the professional degrees offered by the CTIHS. It is a 4-year program specializing in the Interiors of all kind of buildings. The primary goal of the program is to equip budding designers with the theoretical knowledge, technical skills and professional ethics needed to practice Interior design. Graduates of the program have a strong grounding in aesthetics and design, have highly developed problem solving skills and the ability to bring together the various elements of interiors, to produce a work of art.

Career Prospects:

  • Private practice as architects
  • Work for design consultancies
  • Work with in-house design departments.
  • Work on a freelance basis or are self-employed
  • Commercial and construction companies;
  • Companies in the hotel and leisure industries;
  • Local government bodies
  • Retailers
  • Theatre, TV and film companies.

Pass in 10+2 with 45 % marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.






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