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Mechanical Engineering, the broadest of all Engineering disciplines. It deals with design and production of tools, machines and all other mechanical equipment used in any industry. Mechanical engineers use the principles of mathematics, material science, physics and economics to design, manufacture and maintain all the mechanical equipments. Mechanical engineering is concerned with all types of machinery in industries and all aspects of their mechanism and functioning, the design, development, construction, production, installation, operation and maintenance; such as large steam and gas turbines, components of thermal power stations, internal combustion engines, jet engines, machine tools, air conditioning and heating machines, refrigerators etc to name a few. They not only design and create new products, but also develop materials for them and ways of making them.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 2011 with affiliation to Punjab Technical University and has been successful in catering to the cause of technical education. The department offers B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Degree course, the syllabus of which has been designed to meet the industries need for up of date technical knowledge, managerial skills, and exposure to Quality management. The department has laboratory and workshop facilities with modern sophisticated equipment to carry out research in all areas related to Mechanical Engineering.


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