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The Department of Management offers the students as well as the faculty a well-equipped  corner of various books, journals, newspapers, novels, magazines i.e.   library. The quality of readings available in CT’s library is quite beneficial. This has been ordered with an objective in mind, that is, to promote research and enhance knowledge of all. Our library offers readings related to all disciplines and spheres of life. In our library, you can find readings related to finance, marketing, human resource, laws, consumer protection, bank management, research for higher studies  etc. We have inculcated the habit of utilizing the library optimally in all the students and we  always encourage, make them realize the importance of such readings in one’s life. The usage of library in a better way can help a person in achieving a competitive edge over others  and we help our students in realizing  this.
The department of Management in CT Institutions never goes behind in serving the students with resources they need for their growth. So, we have a well-built  and well-organised fully air-conditioned Computer  Lab. for the students with 41 computer systems, 3 printers, a calm and soothing ambience  wherein students can use the computers for  Internet surfing ,  for making assignment, exploration of knowledge and many more Research -related activities. The assignments and tasks we assign the students highly support the use of Computers. Also, our competent technical workforce (Lab. Attendants) always makes sure that the students are never left unattended.
Computer Lab
CTIMS has also set up a separate Projection Room wherein special presentations are held by experts, academicians, faculty as well as students. It is equipped with a computer, projector, wide screen and other supporting gadgets. It accommodates approximately 100 students at one time. The pedagogy we follow in MBA programme is such that projection room is must.
Projection Room
The fully air conditioned Seminar Hall, with the seating capacity of 200 serves as a common meeting ground for all kinds of activities that bridge the academia and the industry; the world inside with the world outside. Equipped with the state-of-the art multimedia equipment, it is a perfect place where thoughts get translated into action.

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