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Pharmaceutical Sciences 


Department of Pharmaceutics is a major component of the organization and committed towards achieving excellence in Pharmaceutical Education and Research. I believe in the famous quote about education and would like to mention here as:

“Education is not filling the bucket but is igniting the fire within”

Our mission is to provide quality education which not only provide information on various facets of Pharmaceutics and Product Development but insist to transform the information into knowledge through theoretical and practical training to our students. We are committed to the mission of making our students as trained formulation and product design professional who would be capable to put the generated knowledge into use. For the purpose Academia Industry Interaction is our policy and continuously we are nurturing it by emphasizing our students to work on industry defined research projects. Qualified faculty of the department with the necessary infrastructure to support efficient teaching learning process and research is committed to achieve the goals of the department and the organization. Currently we are offering Pharmacy undergraduate course along with M. Pharm. in Pharmaceutics. We intend to introduce two new post graduate courses in Pharmaceutical Management & Regulatory Affairs and industrial Pharmacy at CTIPS.

The pharmacology department is one of the core departments of CTIPS. The infrastructure and facilities of the department are sufficient to cater the need of institute’s various departments as well as for sponsored and future prospective research projects concerned with preclinical research and animal experimentation. Pharmacology department is equipped with CPCSEA approved Animal house facility.
Pharmaceutical chemistry department deals with the synthesis and drug design of new drug molecules which can be used further by drug researchers for their commercial utilization by the pharmaceutical industries. The highly qualified faculty members of this department are having expertise and competency in latest tools of teaching methodology and research publications to provide better understanding of fundamental concepts of various subjects related to pharmaceutical chemistry. Besides running B. Pharmacy course since 2004, M. Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Chemistry was also started in 2010. The eminent faculty members and research students have been able to publish 10 research papers in various reputed journals in a very short span of one year which shows the dedication and research potential of this department. Some of the M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) students have got merits in their results of PTU examinations.

In view of the mission of the organization to have emphasis on herbal drug research and development Department of Pharmacognosy of CTIPS is outfitted with necessary infrastructure. The laboratories are equipped with instruments and equipments to carry out research and concerned activities like extraction, characterization and standardization of herbal drugs and formulations. Department is maintaining an herbal garden in which a number of plant species of medical and pharmaceutical significance are being nurtured to make students acquainted with this important segment of Pharmacognostical research and development. Plant tissue culture and isolation of phytopharmaceuticals is one of the major research focuses of the department.


Quality Assurance is a broad term which assures all the quality attributes of any product or service and for this, the utilization of various techniques & tools is in practice; due to this it is considered to be having a multidimensional approach. Thus the branch of quality assurance is an integral part of all the core branches of pharmacy viz. Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy. The department focuses on training the graduate and post graduate students on how to use the modern and newer instrumental analytical techniques such as Chromatography (HPLC, column etc), Infra-red Spectroscopy (FTIR& ATR techniques), UV-Visible Spectroscopy, Colorimetry, Fluorimetry, Flame photometry etc. The department is actively involved in developing new analytical methods and their validation, characterization & quantitative estimation of drugs.



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