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The curriculum is structured to have 3 years (6 semesters) in house training at the Institution and one month’s Industrial training in an Organization / Industry relevant to the field of specialization.  Each semester consists of at least 16 contact weeks excluding internal assessments, end-semester examinations, preparatory and other holidays. 40 periods per week are allocated for student’s instruction in each semester. Diploma Programmes in Engineering consist of curricular component comprising courses in Applied Sciences, Basic Courses in Engineering and Interdisciplinary Courses in Engineering & Technology. Courses under Applied Sciences include English and Communication Skills, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The main method of providing information for knowledge is through modern teaching aids, lectures, the associated hand-outs and supporting material on the blackboard. The lectures are supported by associated problem solving sessions which reinforce the lecture content. There is a substantial amount of self-directed learning through project work. The degree of complexity of the project work grows as the student progresses through the programme. Feedback on progress is given through assignments, coursework and class tests, and students are expected to use this feedback to enhance and develop their learning. The majority of lecture modules are assessed by written exams during the semester and at the end of the semester. These exams test the ability of the student to solve numerical problems, to provide reasoned explanations of engineering choices, and to compare and contrast features of systems. Project work focuses on the application of engineering principles. Student project work is assessed by oral presentation of the ideas and main conclusions of the work, and written reports on the design, implementation and testing of the work.



In order to train manpower of desired quality and standards, appropriate learning experiences are provided to the students for developing requisite competencies in the respective disciplines as well as to pursue higher level of studies in chosen areas. Every effort has been made to mould the students to improve their communication / presentation skills and to develop their personality to become very good ― Technicians ― with more practical visualization and to stand as an useful product in the global market. The students coming out of the institution find employment in the organized and unorganized sectors and forms backbone of the world of work. They find employment in the functional areas. However, the most important job functions include: production, quality control, installation, maintenance, servicing, marketing etc..


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