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A fleet of buses, cars, ambulance and other vehicles provide uninterrupted transport facility to the students, faculty, staff and visitors. The CT Group presently maintains a convoy of 64 vehicles including 50 buses, 12 cars, 1 ambulances including one security vehicle & 01 tractor for agriculture and plantations purpose in the campus.

The CT Group extends the pick and drop transportation facility to students within a radius of about 100 km adjoining the city of Jalandhar.

Transport Facility is available from given locations.

R1 Partap Bagh, Madan Flour Mill, Model Town, Goal Market, CT Institution
R2 Mau Sahab, Miouwal, Partapura, Noor Mahal, Jandiala, CT Institution.
R4 Bilga, Noor Mahal, jandiala CT Institution.
R5 Jalandhar Bus Stand, U.E Ph l, Garha, U.E. Ph ll, CT Institution. 
R6  Talwan, Umerpur, Kanoola, Haripur, Mhema, Nakodar, CT Institution.
R7  Parjian Area, Shah Kot, Malsian, Nakodar, CT Institution.
R11 Sunnr, Sidhawa Hari Singh, Shankar, Sarih, Dhariwal, Chak Bandal CT Institution
R12 Killiwara, Gidhar Pindi, Lohian, Nakodar, CT Institution.
R13 Malsian Area, Malain, Uggi, CT Institution.
R14 Chuheki, Noor Mahal, Sidhwa Station, Veer Pind, Littran, Nakodar, Tutan, Harian, Gahira, CT Institution.
R15 Bholath, Kartarpur, CT Institution.
R16 Phagwara, Sarali, Dhani Pind, Jandiala CT Institution.  
R17 Hazipur, Mukerian, Dasuya, Tanda, Bhogpur, Kala Bakra, Pathankot Bypass, PAP Chowk CT Institution.
R18 RCF,Tibba, Karpurthala Bypass,Bidipur, Kala Sangha, Partapura, CT Institution.
R20 Kapujrthala, Wadala Fatak, Mand, Kohaia, Athola, Nijjran, CT Institution.
R21 Maqsudan, Pathankot Bypass, Lamabapind Chowk, PAP Chowk, BSF Chowk, Ladowali Road, BMC Chowk CT Institution 
R22 Behram, Bhogpur, Adampur, CT Institution.
R23 Doaba Chowk, Pathankot By Pass, Lamba Pind, PAP Chowk, Ladowali Road, CT Institution
R24 Saran, Bullowal, Cholang, Bhogpur, CT Institution.
R25 Gazzi Gullan, WorkShop Chowk, Nakodar Chowk,Boota Mandi, Wadala Chowk, Lambra CT Institution.
R26 Parjian Area, Mehtpur,  Nakodar, CT Institution.
R27 Basti Area, 120'' Ft Road, Mata Rani Chowk, CT Institution.
R28 Hazipur, Ghogra, Nangal, Singh pur, Dasuya, Tanda, CT Institution.
R30 Ludhiana, Phillaur, Gorayan, Phagwara, CT Institution.  
R31  Maqsudan, Workshop Chowk, Nakodar Chowk,  CT Institution,
R32 Poonian, Shah Kot, Malsian, Nakodar, CT Institution.  
R33 Sultanpur, Lohian, Malsian, Nakodar, Nakodar, CT Institution.  
R37 Suranasi, Maqsuda Chowk, Kapurthala Chowk, Nakodar Chowk, CT Institution.
R38 Bhonga, Hoshiarpur, Nasrala, Kathar, Adampur, Jandu Singha, PAP Chowk, CT Institution.
R39 Ladhewali Raod, Partap Palace, Nangal Shama, Rama Mandi CT Institution.
R41 Amritsar, Jalandiala, Raiya, Beas, Dilawan, Hamira, Kartapur,  CT Institution.
R42 Deep Nagar, Jal Cantt, Rama Mandi,  CT Instituion.
9110 Mothawali, Sandhu Jhatha, Kalarian, CT Institution.
7554 Darburji, Salempur, Begowal, Bhanah, Boli, Palath, CT Institution.
8109 Modal Town( Phalath), Nakhan, Lakhan Ka Pada, kartarpur, CT Institution.
8112 Khojpur, Raipur, Bhogpur, Noorpur, CT Institution.

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